Becoming an Empowered CIC

Looking down the barrel of a lens can bring on similar feelings to when you face something of uncertainty, second-guessing, feeling disempowered and out of control due to putting yourself in the hands of someone else’s control.

It can also feel like this when you are taking something on that feels bigger than yourself. So here are my little insights into my journey of taking on the task of making The Maker Series into a Community Interest Company (CIC), and I can tell you, I felt all of those difficult feelings during the process.

I like control and even if I know I am kidding myself, I still like the illusion of control. 

I do not like it when I can’t find the answer to the questions I have burning in my mind. However, I have lived my whole life without control. Through my chronic illness, I often feel completely owned by my body and half my time is spent listening intently so that I live in harmony.

Patience – Things will come to you in time if they are meant to.
I have spent a year and a half trying to become a Community Interest Company. For over half a year I thought that I was a CIC and when I was enlightened to the fact I wasn’t, I felt like an absolute fraud. Even though it’s a huge cliché, it IS OK to make mistakes, it’s how we learn. The fear of making mistakes can stop us, but try not to let it. Failure is fascinating, and when you do fail, even though you may feel down for a while because of it, all you need to think is, I am only human and I am trying my best.




Asking questions – Even if they lead you nowhere to start with. 
During the lengthy time of my learning, I asked so many questions, some to the wrong people, some wrong questions to the right people. Every question and answer led me to the next and ultimately to be able to ask the right questions to the right people. Suddenly everything clicked in my mind and it all seemed totally within my ability.

Asking for help but not too much.
I have a belief that we are better than we think we are and if we try, at some point we may succeed. If you can, do get support, however, remember the empowerment usually comes from achieving it yourself. I had a lot of support to start with and it made me disconnect with my business and the potential for learning. Embrace your gaps in knowledge and go seek to fill with empowerment.

Get used to the barrel.
The more a person is photographed the better they feel about it. If you keep putting it off then that fear will follow you. The same with taking on subjects that terrify you, like government documents! I understand the fear of both, and perhaps you play movies of the consequences of getting it wrong, bad photos and incorrect documents, but if you never try for the fear, how will you ever know? The consequences can nearly always be sorted out if you were being authentic and honest.

After a year and a half of doing all the above, I got to a point where I felt confident and went for it.

And when The Maker Series Community Interest Company document came through the door I jumped around my living room, for I had looked down the barrel and won.

A massive thank you to all the people who helped guide me along the way!