Clive Pearson


Clive has been making pots for over 56 years. He qualified as a pottery teacher in 1969 at Bishop Otter College Chichester. In 1972 he opened Welcome Pottery, also a keen fisherman, Clive sold line-caught fish from his Pottery, which was widely appreciated. In 1981 he moved his pottery to Hartland and then opened Clovelly Pottery in 1992. After wanting to spend more time with his family he left Hartland and moved his workshop to Clovelly. Clive has been fascinated by the deep blue Chun glaze since 1983 and is still using this glaze in its various forms at Clovelly Pottery.

Since 1984 Clive has combined his love of pottery with his love of the sea and ran a charter boat until 2016. He continues to make pots in Clovelly during the winter months inspired by his passion for Ceramics.

“My dad has a somewhat magical way of holding one of his pots and admiring the shape, colour and practical properties. He often remarks that he is in pursuit of the perfect drinking vessel. His words –It must sit comfortably in the hand, and caress the lip.”