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Why is the community so important to The North Devon Maker Series?

Growing up in North Devon, other than my ill-health, I was extremely lucky and had a very idyllic childhood, swimming in the sea, going for long walks and playing in the woods. I was fortunate to have good support when it came to creative pursuits whether that be through my parents or my teachers at primary school and secondary school into sixth form and college. The difficulty I found was when I left education and wanted to continue to be creative in North Devon. Of course I continued through hobbies; however, it was my dream to make a living out of my creative passion, Film. Every Maker involved in the North Devon Maker Series has their own story and unique way of creating a life they love in North Devon. No one says its easy, winter especially is difficult in this summer season county. Speaking for myself I’ve always had a part-time job whilst also developing my skills in my passion.

The North Devon Maker Series Hopes to connect these Makers, Movers and Shapers with the North Devon community so that their stories are shared as well as their skill and their clever ways of being able to not just live in North Devon but thrive in North Devon whilst making a living from their passion.

Guest Musicians

As a Filmmaker music is so incredibly important to my work; I take a long time in choosing music, in fact sometimes longer than it takes to edit the actual film. So to work with talented North Devon musicians is a real honour. I have commissioned several pieces of music for the North Devon Maker Series and this has proved to be an amazing experience of trust and discovery. It has pushed me to work in a new way, as I often like to edit to music, but I have flipped my working methods so that I now edit so that music can be added afterwards. Music elevates film to a different level of emotion and hopes to pull the viewer further into the magical process of the Maker. I owe a lot to the musicians in making these films effective and beautiful. If you feel like you have music that would suit a Maker film please get in contact and send a range of your music

Photograph: Jose Walker

Guest Photographers

This project started through my passion of filming but as the project developed I saw the power of capturing Makers within photography. Photography is a great tool in engaging an audience within matters of seconds whereas film takes more time to tell a story. Both have their importance and therefore the North Devon Maker Series invites guest photographers to work alongside me to capture snapshots of the Maker’s skill. If you would like to become a guest photographer please get in contact with your portfolio.

North Devon Youth

To create aspiration, inspiration and connection to those who are living and breathing their truth. The Maker Series hopes to connect with North Devon youth so that we can learn from their passions and in turn, they may see a new way of pursuing their dreams and goals. The Maker Series Films have already been shown in schools and have proved to be an engaging way to introduce students to traditional and not so traditional skills. If you work with youth and feel that The North Devon Maker Series would be of interest please do get in contact.

Creative Spaces

The North Devon Makers Series are looking for Creative Spaces in North Devon. Working with Local Creative Spaces we hope to develop a range of platforms and local viewing hubs, which will enable us to engage with the local community through showcasing the wonderful artisan talents of local artists. If you are interested in showcasing The North Devon Makers Series please get in contact.

Local Business

The project aims to connect local business with creative talent, to strengthen a positive investment cycle in North Devon, and produce a union between modern business and artist. We are looking for locally trading businesses that would like to invest in The North Devon Makers Series. Please contact us if you would like to support the project.

Photograph: Hettie Pearson

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