Filming Rosie

It was an absolute pleasure filming Rosie Anderson creating a beautiful felted sheepskin. I have known Rosie for several years since we met through Louise Middleton, Golden Bear Belts, but this was the first time I had visited her amazing smallholding and hung out with her and her family.

I had so much fun filming in Rosie’s wild flower meadows. As the sun beat down I tried to stay cool and still, so that the nature around me grew bold again. I Kept spotting a brilliant flash of blue-green and waited for the dragonfly to settle. Creeping up, slowly and quietly, I couldn’t believe my luck and this magnificent creature didn’t fly away.

My new camera was fantastic at capturing movements and creatures that my naked eye didn’t pick up. Walking though tall grass, crickets springing from left to right, right to left, which I only viewed upon play back.

I tend to lose myself in filming and a sunburnt back was the price I paid, maybe one day I will remember everything!

During filming, I was still not very well. I was on high doses of steroids, which made my head fuzzy. However, to slow down and focus always helped combat my racing mind. And hopefully what I have produced tunes into the creator’s energy rather than my own.

I didn’t know what to expect when I turned up to film sheep shearing at Coombeshead Estate.

I was bowled over by the incredible talent of Simon Cooper. It was an extremely hot day and I filmed as Simon effortlessly sheered the sheep, sweat dripping from his nose, bent over and supported by a harness. He moved quickly and skilfully and you could almost hear the relief from the sheep after they were separated from their thick woolly coats.

Simon Cooper (Sheep Shearer) and Tina Bricknell-Webb (Owner of Coombeshead Estate)

Rosie’s process was gentle and methodical, and we were often joined by one or two of her children, who like to hang out and draw in Rosie’s studio.

Later on, in the shoot I had Charlie Peters join me. Charlie is a fantastic filmmaker and it was awesome to have his support whilst filming.

A highlight was meeting all of Rosie’s animals, Teddy the ram and of course Rosie’s gorgeous dogs, who followed us around and then settled to finally fall asleep on a rug or felted sheepskin as we filmed in the studio.

If you haven’t checked out the Maker 7 Felted Sheepskin film then follow this link:

If you would like to have a look at Rosie’s website and shop, follow this link:

Photos 1,2,3,6, 7, 10, 11 & 12 by Charlie Peters

Photos 5, 4, 8 & 9 by Jess Pearson