Good Afternoon talks at Burton at Bideford

I have to say I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to curate 12 talks at the Burton at Bideford. I have grown up interacting with the Burton and since I can remember have dreamed of working with them. One of my proudest moments at school was when I exhibited a found object sculpture in the Burton Schools Exhibition.

Thank goodness for places like the Burton at Bideford, it gave me hope and helped me follow my creative passion. It gave me inspiration and aspiration and allowed me to grow up knowing that Art and Culture existed.

Not only does the Burton exhibit world-renowned art, but it also involves the community.

With this in mind, it is also worth mentioning that I am a Burton Associate, which is a programme to involve artists from the community in the Burton’s current and future work.

I never take anything for granted so both invites, firstly to become an Associate and secondly to curate talks had me jumping up and down with excitement and I even shed a few tears of Joy. Its been a rocky ride due to my health since my experience of exhibiting in the school exhibition, however, it shows that if you work hard, grow your passion,

people do notice. 


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