October Newsletter

We are really excited about our Maker Series October lineup!

We kick off October with our 3rd Members Art Draw! 
This time we have a wonderful piece of art made by the awesome young creative Daisy Mae Thompson! 
 We all need a bit of love and kindness in our lives and this piece is like a big hug! 
This beautiful artwork has been created through the technique of collagraphy and the heart has been gilded with gold leaf. 
The winner will be annouced later this week! 

On the 14th of October, we will be releasing a podcast featuring the multi-talented Chris Hatton.

Chris has many creative skills, from illustration and web design to making delicious chilli sauce! We will be asking Chris how he keeps the balance between running several different creative businesses and also how he has built his reputation and stockists in North Devon and beyond. 

Head to our podcast page to listen and be inspired!

Not a Maker Member yet? To access our monthly Masterclass as well as many other amazing perks, head to https://themakerseries.co.uk/membership/

Our Masterclass this month on the 21st at 7 pm will be held by Creative Business gurus Hilary Beecroft and Phil Parker!

In this month's Masterclass, Hilary and Phil will guide us through an overview of Business best practices, from setting up, basic forms of contracts, revenue streams and sales marketing.
Come and get clued up during this month Masterclass! 

On the 28th of October, we will be releasing a podcast featuring the Artist Jodie Fry.

In this alternative podcast, we will learn all about how Jodie has navigated her creative career whilst growing up in North Devon. Jodie has a plethora of talent, from dancing, to illustration and Macrame. We will learn about how she set up her business 'Moss and Mettle' and what has inspired her to create such range of beautiful art and craft.