Danni Bradford – Verre-eglomise

Why did you become self-employed?

Previously to becoming self-employed, I was working for a commercial company, where I was lucky enough to have space to also do my own artwork when I wasn’t working on jobs for them. Gradually I began to long more and more for my own studio, and when my artwork began to take off it was a natural progression for me to move into being a self-employed artist…

What main challenges have you faced whilst being self-employed?

Obviously, the main challenge is not having a set income each month! but then that’s also part of the excitement!

How do you make it work? (Are you full-time self-employed, or part-time?)

I’m full time some weeks, some weeks part time! I live quite a minimalist lifestyle, with low outgoings, so don’t have huge commitments or children (just a dog), so I fit work in around doing the things I love like surfing and walking, and sometimes visa versa.

Do you have one piece of advice you would like to share about being self-employed?

Be prepared to take the rough with the smooth, its constant ups and downs, but ultimately being self-employed is a fantastic way to live your life if you don’t mind a bit of uncertainty at times…its defiantly a rollercoaster as opposed to a merry go round way of life!

Danni Bradfords Website: www.dannibradfordstudio.com