Edward Wild

Why did you become self-employed?

I became self-employed to have control over my career and to be able to move in the direction I wanted to go with the flexibility I wanted.

What main challenges have you faced whilst being self-employed?

There have been several challenges since becoming self-employed.  In the early years having enough customers and earning enough money was difficult. Cash flow has been scary at times and being able to step back from work is always hard. I love my job, which is lucky as it takes every moment of my life and getting the balance right can be difficult.

How do you make it work? (Are you full-time self-employed, or part-time?)

I am full-time self-employed, however, I teach part-time to keep a steady income, although it is very changeable.

Do you have one piece of advice you would like to share about being self-employed?

Get in front of customers, see them face to face, be it a day in the gallery, at your smallest gallery, or a 4-day show in London, stand in front of people and talk to them. Let them see your enthusiasm, touch your work, see your passion for it and watch them fall in love with it and buy or commission pieces.  Also using galleries to get in front of people can be very useful also. 

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