Ellie Miller – Miller Surfboards

Why did you become self-employed?

I’ve been self-employed for nearly 20 years doing various different things. I can’t imagine any other way of living. I find just when I start to need a change something else come along that grabs my interest. Sometimes it becomes a living, sometimes just a hobby, but I’m always open to the next thing. It wouldn’t occur to me to go out and try and find a job! 🙂

What main challenges have you faced whilst being self-employed?

Everything! Lack of certainty, lack of money, but the main one is letting go of the job when you are supposed to be having time off. It is really hard to leave work behind, especially in a society where communication is so instantaneous. I have to be really strict with myself and set very clear boundaries.

How do you make it work? (Are you full-time self-employed, or part-time?)

I have been full time, but now I’m very much very part time! My wife, Danni Bradford has her own business as an artist and we share a workshop, so I do a lot of PR work for her, I guess I’m full time but in two different jobs. I’m starting a Diploma in May so I will then be a student too! Being self-employed is great for being able to explore new avenues in life if you don’t have too many financial commitments.

Do you have one piece of advice you would like to share about being self-employed?

Be prepared to evolve with your business. You may start out with the intention of taking your business in one direction but it may naturally end up going in another…enjoy the ride!

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