Jo Blake – Author and Illustrator

A painting of a horses head with green background
Jo Blake holding her children book and award
A glass Award

Why did you start a Creative Business?

I started my art business to ignite people’s imaginations and emotions. We live in a world with our heads in our phones. I feel at my most free when I am in the flow of drawing or painting and walking in nature. It calms my over anxious mind and allows me to clear my mind, to feel connected to the living world around us. When people see my art, it draws them in close to see all the hidden detail, connecting the viewer to past memories and feelings.

My long term business goals are to inspire a new generation of artists in secondary education, to build the life of their dreams from their creativity, and not settle for a day job that doesn’t allow them to be who they truly are. 


Have there been any challenges that you have faced whilst growing your creative business?

The main challenges I have faced building my creative business is not letting self doubt and procrastination stop me in my tracks. It’s frightening to take something you have created from your soul and share it with the world. People are busy and don’t stop to see the beauty and details of living things and textures of their environment. I hope to bring that perspective into view through my art, sharing what I see from my perspective.


How do you make it work?

I am a full time artist, children’s book author and illustrator. I have many strings to my bow and love to learn new things all the time! It ignites the inner child within me and my energy inspires others to see the potential in themselves. 


Do you have one piece of advice you would like to share?

One piece of advice I would share about running a creative business is– Ask yourself what lights you up? What would excite you to want to get to work on your creative business?

Why do you create what you create? By asking these questions and having a reason why sharing your art with the world is so important, will keep you going through the difficult times.

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