Sue Rossiter – Ceramicist

Why did you start a creative business?

I wanted to have more freedom and flexibility to fit my career around my lifestyle. I was already freelancing when I moved to North Devon in 2008 and much prefer this way of working. It allowed me to schedule my workload so I could study for a Ceramics degree at Petroc College, part of the University of Plymouth, one day a week over four years. This wouldn’t have been possible if I wasn’t self-employed and I have subsequently gone on to build my own studio and to set up my own ceramics business.


 What main challenges have you faced whilst building a creative business?

One of the challenges is working alone as an artist I have found it really beneficial to connect with other artists through North Devon Arts, events like Art Trek, mentoring groups and artist networks, like Devon Artists. I’m taking part in North Devon Art Trek Open Studio event again this year as getting feedback from the public on my work is also very valuable and another way to connect with people and the local community.


 How do you make it work? (Are you full-time self-employed, or part-time?)

I am a full-time, self-employed ceramicist, mainly work on my own business. I have now been self-employed for over 15 years. I work from my own studio for around three days per week, which varies depending on whether I’m in a making phase or I am delivering work to and/or visiting galleries. I also work one day a week for Sandy Brown at her studio in Appledore.


Do you have one piece of advice you would like to share about creative business?

To keep going and believe in yourself! It takes time to build up a business and there will be successes and disappointments along the way. It’s important to really celebrate and acknowledge the successes and to have faith in your skills and abilities to keep you going through the disappointments. Having patience, stamina, passion and enthusiasm for what you do will help to grow and sustain your business.



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Photos by John Andow