School for Social Entrepreneurs

After 5 months of support, learning and listening to witness sessions, The Maker Series is now an Associate Fellow of The School for Social Entrepreneurs.

If you haven’t heard about the amazing work of The School for Social Entrepreneurs then go and check them out now!

They provide business support, grants and mentorships for social enterprises, and social entrepreneurs.

I personally owe a lot to School for Social Entrepreneurs, my confidence grew remarkably during the 5-month programme.  Once more, after becoming a fellow can now ask for help from a large network of social entrepreneurs.

Every single person involved wants you to succeed!

Since finishing the course I now know how to ask the right questions so that I can progress within my work. And even though I still sometimes feel overwhelmed by business jargon, I have learnt a way of figuring it out for myself. This experience has been extremely empowering.

The SSE teach you the tools so that you can build your own business in a way that empowers rather than makes you dependant upon them.

If you have the determination and passion, SSE is there to help inform and provide knowledge through experience. 

Photos by Jess Holliland