Danni Bradford

Verre-eglomise Artist

Danni Bradford is an international selling artist who specialises in Verre-eglomise – the gilding of glass. Danni has taken a contemporary and unique approach to this classic art form and produces striking original abstracts and wildlife studies in her small North Devon studio. Each of Danni’s pieces is created in reverse on toughened glass panels using layers of pigment, ink and mica dust, then gilded using fine metal leaf such as copper, silver and 24kt gold. Danni’s work focuses on the power and beauty of light, colour and movement within the natural world.


Ellie Miller

Miller Surfboards

Ellie Miller is an independent & highly passionate surfboard maker based in North Devon. From her small workshop tucked away in the hills she produces 100% handcrafted custom surfboards, made with love, care and attention to detail. Ellie has built a reputation since 2012 for creating well constructed, thoughtfully designed traditional longboards, mid-lengths and twin fins inspired by our rich surfboard design heritage.