Each Maker within this project lives and works in North Devon. North Devon sets a pace for people; there is space, long stretches of rugged land and a coastline, which is met by a vast ocean. This draws certain people to make a life in North Devon and these people have carved their own way of making a living from their true passion. Every Maker has their unique way of living and working in North Devon. Before retiring, Clive Pearson made his living by crafting pots through the winter months and then emerging from his workshop in spring to start up his charter boat company, taking passengers, fishermen and divers to Lundy. His pots made through the winter months are sold throughout the year at Clovelly Pottery, which is run by Clive’s wife, Laurie Pearson.

There is not a specific way people master the art and balance of lifestyle and living through their passion and I find this fascinating. The Maker Series hopes to start to document how people manage to live and work in North Devon. By documenting this I hope that not only the films will create aspiration but also that people will be able to have insights into how people live through creative skills in North Devon.

Photo by Hettie Pearson